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in Filmmaking
on Dec 31, 2008

Now that our current issue has shipped to the printer, I’m finishing these blog entries from our writers, editors and contributors on the cinematic year that is coming to a close. Here’s Mary Glucksman, who contributes our “In Focus” column each issue as well as the year-end “Hits and Misses” piece.

Real life intervened and I came up woefully short on exhaustive viewing of both foreign films and docs so can I just say my top ten would surely include two Cannes ’07 foreign titles that got their nominal U.S. theatrical release this year–XXY and Tell No One. Still waiting with great anticipation to catch up with Silent Light and A Christmas Tale.

Best DIY/no-to-low budget titles have to be Ballast and Chris Smith’s The Pool, latter a Sundance ’07 title finally out this year.

For sure my absolute favorite three were Wrestler/Slumdog/Rachel, and Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn’s Harvey Milk two top performances. Can’t understand why Brolin’s getting all the love for Milk and not his tour de force turn in W. Also blown away by juvenile Brandon Walters in Australia.

Best first feature and an all around fave has to be Doubt. Most underrated of the year were Towelhead and Miracle at St. Anna. Latter’s flaws may be undeniable but it still rates among my top viewing memories of the year. Gran Torino didn’t entirely live up to the hype but two hours of Clint the actor still a real joy.

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