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in Filmmaking
on Jan 10, 2009

I like the nice, clean look of the new Indiewire along with a number of its user-friendly interactive features. It’s just gone live so I’ll spend some time exploring it, but for now, here’s a piece of editor Eugene Hernandez’s introductory letter:

As I revealed last week, we have spent over a year developing this new site, but it’s actually taken us twelve years to get here. We’ve not only re-designed indieWIRE, but completely re-imagined it.

Understanding that indieWIRE has emerged as a hub for filmmakers, the industry, and movie lovers alike over the past twelve years, we have developed this new site as a gateway to the latest news, information, and resources for our readers, incorporating a number of innovative tools and approaches. The new site not only delivers the latest original editorial from indieWIRE’s editors and writers, but also features a new model for aggregating and showcasing the best coverage from journalists and bloggers all over the world. Our goal is to make iW so essential that you’ll consider making indieWIRE.com your homepage.

Our new front page features a cleaner navigation system, links to the latest from indieWIRE and across the Internet, a headline ticker, photo galleries, a widget from our colleagues at SnagFilms, and a number of new features that we hope you will value.

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