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in Filmmaking
on Jan 23, 2009

Previously I posted some thoughts on the Kevin Lee/YouTube situation, and now, via Lee’s Shooting Down Pictures blog, it’s great to report that YouTube has responded to criticism and restored Lee’s account. In a long post entitled “Things I Learned from Losing — and Regaining — my YouTube Account,” Lee tells all of us how we can defend ourselves against a similar type of complaint, the nature of copyright laws and why YouTube may not be to blame for his situation, and also how we can fight further for digital rights and fair use issues. Thanks to Kevin for his generous link to and quotation from this blog. He credits the writing of all of us bloggers with convincing YouTube to contact him directly about reinstating his account.

In my blog post I mentioned Lance Weiler’s article in the new Filmmaker in which he discussed issues of data portability, which are germane to Lee’s situation. That article has just gone online.

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