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Jason Sondhi, along with Short of the Week partner Andrew Allen one of our “25 New Faces” this year, handpicked today’s Valentines Day selection, “Moving Takahashi.” Directed by Josh Soskin and well acted by rising star Boyd Holbrook and newcomer (at least to me) Kristin Malco, the Kickstarter-funded short is part of what Sondhi calls the “bad boy romance” genre. It’s about a young mover (Holbrook) who discovers that the daughter of the family whose house he’s moving has, in a suicide attempt, swallowed pills that will kill her in 20 minutes. What’s the bad-boy element? You’ll have to watch to find out. The short is gorgeously shot by another of our 2011 “25 New Faces,” Rob Hauer.

Here it is on Vimeo.

Moving Takahashi from Josh Soskin on Vimeo.

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