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in Filmmaking
on Apr 26, 2009

In the current issue of Filmmaker we feature the last of Bomb It director Jon Reiss’s fantastic three-part series on DIY distribution. In part one he outlined an alternative vision of DIY theatrical distribution; in part two he discusses DIY DVD distribution; and in part three in the current issue he discusses DIY web marketing. This third part will most likely be Jon’s last in the series — he’s writing a book about all of this that should be out later in the year — and I’m curious what practical articles you, our readers, would like to read about next. We’ll have more on DIY and hybrid distribution in the next issue with a piece that looks at some filmmakers who have been expert at reaching non-typical film audiences, and Esther Robinson will continue her series of articles on filmmakers and personal finance. But as we are putting together the grid for the next issue, I thought I’d solicit ideas, which you can place in the comments thread below. Production issues? Equipment? Budgets? Crews? More on distribution? Screenwriting? Web-based production models? Legal issues? Please respond if you have thoughts.

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