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on Jan 8, 2010

Speaking of the new DSLR cameras, Canon and Vimeo have launched a contest in which filmmakers are being inspired to create episodes of an eight-part narrative based on the old La Ronde structure: each episode starts by following the image that ends the previous episode. Details from PDN Gear Gude:

Canon gave Laforet a still image of a cab and then asked him to interpret it into a 2-3 minute short film. Laforet’s film, which was shot with a Canon EOS 7D digital SLR, ends on a still image.

Contestants are then asked to take that image and interpret it into their own 2-3 minute film to create a continuation of Laforet’s story….

Each month, Vimeo users will vote on finalists to select a winner who will receive either a Canon EOS 7D or 5D Mark II, along with a Canon lens of their choice. (That lens prize could get interesting if the winner really has a pick of all of Canon’s best glass.)

The winner is also slated to receive an all-expenses paid trip to shoot a short film with Laforet. (We hope it’s some place warm.) The list of judges, which includes Laforet himself, is impressive.

• Phillip Bloom
• Shane Hurlbutt
• Rodney Charters
• Russell Carpenter
• Nick Childs
• Stu Maschwitz
• Rick McCallum
• Blake Whitman

Director and d.p. Vincent Laforet, who directed that stunning nighttime Canon 7D short a while back, created the kick-off film and is one of the judges of the content. He writes on his blog:

I wanted to create a dynamic film that took the audience on a journey and showed off many of the strengths of this new breed of HD DSLR cameras. This breed of cameras’ low light capabilities and light weight allow you to do things you’d never thing of trying with traditional cameras. But almost more importantly: I had to make sure that we made a film that both photographers brand new to filmmaking as well as more seasoned filmmakers felt that they could easily follow.

This project is about bringing EVERYONE into the fold – regardless of their prior experience or their access to “toys.” We’re looking for a series of ORIGINAL films that spotlight your talent and creativity.

We are not asking anyone to try to make a polished Hollywood film… ideas always win in my book. The quality of execution always plays a role of course – but on this one contest it will take a clear back seat.

Check out the “making of” of Laforet’s short, which has some great behind-the-scenes footage showing how these small camera are being tricked out. And then check out the film itself. Finally, content details should be forthcoming on the contest’s Vimeo page.

The Story Beyond the Still – Behind The Scenes from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

The Story Beyond The Still: The Cabbie from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

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