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A few days ago we received an email from Austin filmmaker Bob Ray, best known for shorts such as Hillbilly Doomsday and the documentaries Hell on Wheels and Total Badass.

His message began as follows:

Last week, the criminal defense lawyer who defends Chad Holt in the documentary Total Badass (Adam Reposa, a.k.a. “Bulletproof,” a.k.a. Repo) asked me to help him make a commercial for his law practice here in Austin. As required by law, we submitted it to the State Bar of Texas for approval.

The legal community in Texas is going crazy with it right now and the vid has been bouncing around D.A. and defense attorney’s offices for the last few days hours. Also, not sure of the repercussions (for Adam, Chad, or, most importantly, for me) if the Bar prohibits the commercial from being used or if we’re breaking any laws…

Getting an email from someone saying that people are going crazy over their video is a pretty common event in this job and always ends in me feeling underwhelmed, but in this case… well, all I can say is, wow!

Check out Ray’s “Repo” commercial below.

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