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If you’ve read the current print issue of Filmmaker, on stands now, you undoubtedly came across “The Shooting Parties,” Donal Foreman’s fascinating compare-and-contrast visit to three low-budget film sets. Stepping onto a truly microbudget set (i.e., virtually no budget and a one-day shoot), a film budgeted in the low six figures, and then one in the mid-six figures, Foreman discusses how money shapes one’s filmmaking philosophy.

Money and filmmaking philosophy are two things on Foreman’s mind now as our correspondent, who also happens to be a writer/director, is gearing up for his first feature back in his home of Ireland. Produced by Stalker Films and titled Out of Here, it is described on its website thusly:

Ciaran is a passionate yet restless college dropout who has returned home to recession-struck Dublin after a year of travelling.

Broke and living with his parents, struggling to re-connect with the ex-girlfriend that he left behind and the friends and social scene that have moved on without him, Ciaran questions whether he should stay or go – and comes to realize the difference between being stuck and being present.

OUT OF HERE is a contemporary coming of age story shedding Dublin and its youth culture in a light not previously seen or explored.

Also on the site is a blog and a “get involved” page — yes, the film is crowdfunding as well as offering investment opportunities. And if you’d like to see some of Foreman’s work before pledging, he’s posted his short film Jump, which I’ve embedded below.

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