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Soldate Jeannette | Director Daniel Hoesl

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, Jan. 18, 9:00pm — Egyptian Theatre, Park City]

It’s independent thinking that makes filmmaking independent. Let me tell you a story.

In the village there’s one inn. And the owner’s name is Jim. Jim’s surprised when someone comes in. ‘Cause usually no one comes in. But that day Ava came in, drank some gin, and asked Jim for a room to sleep in. “What does it cost?” Ava asked. “50 bucks,” Jim said, and she gave it to him. And Jim stared at the note which he hadn’t seen for a while at the inn. He went for the key and showed her the way.

Jim took those 50 bucks and went to John, his butcher, to pay his debt. John went to James, the farmer, to pay his debt. And James went to Jenny, the prostitute, to pay his debt. Jenny went back to Jim with the 50-$-note. She went there to pay her debt. She gave him the note when Ava came down from her room. Ava said, the room is not clean, I’m not staying in. Jim gave the 50-$-note back to Ava. And that’s how everyone in the village lost their debt.

In our movie, Soldate Jeannette, we question the value of money. Because we know that the world will still exist when we sacrifice money’s paradigms. It is the quest to find alternatives that drives any independent spirit. Plant a tree on a road. Make it grow.

Sundance Responses 2013

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