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Here’s how writer/director/producer Dustin Guy Defa describes his new film, Bad Fever:

Bad Fever is a film about loneliness. It’s about being alone and hating being alone and then finding somebody to be with but hating that too because it doesn’t feel any different or at least any less lonely.

Do you ever feel shitty and wonder why everyone thinks you’re okay, and then when you do finally feel good about yourself everyone else starts to ask what’s wrong with you? It’s about that too.

It’s about Eddie, who lives with his mother, and it’s about all of his hopeless dreams. It’s about Irene, who he meets, who wants him to help her with all of her hopeless ideas.

Defa is currently in post-production on Bad Fever, which stars two people Filmmaker readers will be familiar with: Kentucker Audley and Eleonore Hendricks. Audley is the director of Team Picture and one of our “25 New Faces”; Hendricks is the star of Josh Safdie’s The Pleasure of Being Robbed and the co-star of Josh and Benny Safdie’s Daddy Long Legs. Writes Defa on his Kickstarter page:

We shot the film in Salt Lake City, Utah, using both local and outside cast and crew; principal photography wrapped in December 2009. The experience of shooting the film far exceeded the expectations I had going into production — every member of our team gave everything they had to the project and we knew all along that we were creating something special. We worked on a shoe-string budget with a 20-day shooting schedule, and each day was a new adventure, discovering what we wanted to say and how we wanted to say it. Never before have I personally felt such deep collaboration and sense of purpose with such an intimate group of people.

Right now we are at the “rough cut” stage of the film. Ahead lies the rest of the picture edit, along with the color correction, sound mixing, and output of the film to an HD master, along with festival submissions, marketing for those festivals, and hiring the right people to help us find distribution. For the purpose of completing our post-production goals, we are asking for your help here at Kickstarter.

The project sounds cool, the cast is fantastic, and Defa has a good blog where he posts his “New Movie” video series — short conversations with other filmmakers like Joe Swanberg and Benh Zeitlin. If any of this interests you, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page, watch the video and consider donating to help them finish their movie.

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