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In my post below about “Scarface School Play” I injected a healthy note of skepticism that any school would sanction a school play in which mounds of popcorn stood in for Tony Montana’s cocaine. Now, TMZ is reporting that the video was indeed a fake.

According to the site:

Instead, it’s the work of director Marc Klasfeld and Rockhard Films who did the videos for Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” and Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.” It was produced in L.A. within the last few weeks and the audience members were a mix of cast family members, colleagues and friends.

As Travis Crawford notes in the comments thread below, many in the blogosphere are heaving a sigh of relief that it wasn’t an official school project. Still, though, the content is exactly the same: too-young kids playacting the Scarface final shoot-out scene. Crawford writes, “Oddly, I sort of felt like that might make any moral objections one might have to the material that much WORSE. I’ll be curious to hear the filmmakers comment on it eventually.”

Me too. And I wonder what the context winds up being for this production. A one-off prank? Seems improbable. A teaser for some new web series — kids doing unlikely dramatic material? Doubtful. The rights issues would seem prohibitive. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

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