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Filminute @ Filmmaker: Matthieu Van Eeckhout’s The Evening Cigarette

Throughout the month of September, Filmmaker is partnering with the online short film competition Filminute, hosting five of its nominated titles and running interviews with the director’s of these one-minute movies.

Tell us who you are (where you’re from, background, previous credits as a filmmaker)
After 10 different lives as an architectural designer, graphic artist for video games, etc… I finally discovered the meaning of life as film director in animation. I made several short films and short com’. In the meantime I feed my family by making ads, games trailers and music videos. I’m also writing scripts for future kickass feature films.

Describe your film in 100 words or less (plot, style, influences)
I quit smoking two years ago. I had to pay tribute to my deadly old friend: the evening cigarette. The one you smoke when everything is calm and quiet and the children are sleeping. But this cool cigarette kills as much as the others ! One of the many absurdity of life i love to collect.

What were the biggest challenges of making a one-minute film?
Getting the right timing. In one minute, you have time to get bored but not enough to make coffee. Comedy is a Swiss clock-making. Very precise. Fun is too serious to be left to funny guys.

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