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Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix: the iPhone

25 New Face Kirby Ferguson extends his popular Everything is a Remix series with this latest entry on the iPhone. I wrote about the series’ original four parts back in 2011. An excerpt:

Rather than push a copy-left agenda or hype the latest mash-up artist, Ferguson uses the subject of the remix to discuss the history and nature of creativity. Everything is a Remix deconstructs the idea of originality, exploring the creative but also technological and business memes that recombine from one generation to the next, making us feel that we are encountering something “new” along the way. And it does so in bite-size, six-minute segments that have become a self-sustaining enterprise for its New York-based director.

Ferugson’s latest is a crisp five or so minutes tracing the origins of multi-touch, the use of skeuomorphism, and the most recent changes in Apple’s iOS 7 design language.

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