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Zero Point: An Interactive Documentary Made For Oculus Rift

Zero Point, a meta-documentary about the virtual reality industry, is about to remove the popular practice of 3D filmmaking from theaters. Founded by Oscar-nominated director Danfung Dennis, the tech company Condition One has created the first film to be viewed with Oculus Rift, those nifty goggles made for 3D gaming.

The virtual reality headset will allow the viewer to control the visuals through movement — effectively positioning the audience as a character, or even a real-time cinematographer, in the film. Condition One plans to project Zero Point on “the inside of an imaginary sphere, surrounding a viewer with an [Oculus] Rift headset,” according to a video report from Mashable. Definitely theatrical, though not in the literal sense.

A recently released trailer (above) provides a feel for the sort of technology at use. Though Zero Point is giving new meaning to the “immersive experience,” it seems to be pulling film further away from its cinematic roots, and closer towards the individualized world of video games.



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