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Behind The Scenes Featurette on Under The Skin’s Guerrilla Filmmaking

Expect to be hearing a lot more from me on Under The Skin in the ensuing weeks. The film is pretty much flawless. One of its innumerable exciting aspects extends beyond the glossy finished product, and into its production.

Director Jonathan Glazer and his team rigged Scarlett Johansson’s abduction vehicle with eight cameras, allowing her to freely cruise the Glasgow streets and lure actual pedestrians to her van. They’d drop her in a mall, a busy intersection, and let the scene unfold before their very eyes. In the above featurette, Glazer, Johansson and producer James Wilson discuss the film’s guerrilla production, among its other virtues.

A24 will release Under The Skin on April 4, and for an added bonus, read Anthony Lane’s droll Johansson feature in The New Yorker. 

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