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Smoke and Mirrors: How to Create a Hologram

“The classic technique, called the Pepper’s Ghost technique, has been used since the late 1500s,” instructs Joey Shanks, of Shanks FX, in his new video on a seeming diversion that he deems the future: holograms. Using a downward facing projector and a mirror placed at a 45 degree angle, Shanks was able to recreate his own version of the headline grabbing Coachella Tupac resurrection.

With a little experimenting in the way of lighting and mist, the spectacle is all the more atmospheric. Shanks notes that Apple recently secured a patent to create interactive holograms, which may offer insight into their hopes and dreams for the iPhone 9, 10, etc. Perhaps it could point towards a new direction for 3-D and transmedia filmmaking, as well.

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