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VHX Launches Transparency Aggregate “Stats”

Last year, John Sloss volunteered the closely guarded VOD and digital returns on Escape From Tomorrow, daring his competitors to do the same for their release catalogues. Unfortunately, not much came of this Multi-Screen Gross transparency crusade, but VHX, the digital distribution platform, has now launched “Stats,” a regularly updated infographic that details revenues and transactions. “We’re big believers in transparency and knowledge-sharing,” reads the announcement, “and it’s time to put our money revenue stats where our mouth is.”

An aggregate in the truest sense as it provides no insight into individual titles, “Stats” nonetheless offers an idea of how to best reach your audience. The page breaks down transactions by country (subtitles, subtitles, subtitles) and referral channels. With 24% of buys coming in through a general search, perhaps it’s worth your while to put a little more energy into making that logline and/or still pop.

There is, however, a more unsettling factor in this data sharing. With a reported total gross revenue of $3,220,660 and 1,543 titles to choose from, that means each film is only averaging $2,087.27 in sales — not counting the 10% and .50 cents per sale fee VHX charges. VHX is still a relatively new platform, and DIY distributors are releasing their films through additional avenues as well, but it would seem there is quite a bit more to cobble together for a decent ROI.

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