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Watch: A New Algorithm Near-Seamlessly Edits Footage from Multiple Cameras

in Filmmaker Videos
on Aug 18, 2014

Disney has a research division, and this video demonstrates something pretty cool they’ve been working on: an algorithm that automatically cuts together footage from multiple cameras. This isn’t entirely a new development: in the video above, the research team compares their results with those obtained using Vyclone, which kind of does the same thing. But Vyclone has trouble sorting footage in an orderly fashion if the camera pans between two separate actions happening in the same area, tending to randomly cut between the two. There are other advantages to Disney’s algorithm, which respects the 180-degree-rule when cutting between multiple sources, thereby avoiding spatial confusion. Who will get access to this algorithm and when is unclear, but this is promising technology. Given the multitude of viewpoints to sort through from footage on the ground at sites of crisis, protest and demonstration, it could be especially useful in pulling together a comprehensive, coherent overview of important events in record time. Thanks to No Film School for the heads-up.

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