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Watch: Too Many Cooks, An ’80s Apocalypse/Tribute in 11 Minutes

This is making the Internet rounds and will presumably swallow the entire world by midday at this rate, so why resist? Casper Kelly is a regular Adult Swim contributor, and this is his magnum opus. What begins as an extended parody of every single type of mediocre ’80s sitcom personage (the casting, finding the exact right face for every goofy dad, hectoring boss and bemused grandma, is really something) mutates into a series of other staples of the decade — G.I. Joe-esque animation, some kind of old-school Battlestar Galactica thing — before metastasizing into a self-reflexive slasher film, a hospital drama, a Brady Bunch tribute and so much more. Duration and commitment are the name of the 11+-minute game.

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