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Trailer Watch: a Young Jane Fonda in Jane, from Drew Associates

Here’s an extraordinary clip from Jane, a documentary directed by Drew Associates about the young Jane Fonda preparing for her first Broadway role. My favorite line: “Andreas [the director] has coached Jane before. They’re friends, and he dates her often.”

From the press release:

JANE, directed by Drew Associates, captures a rare and oft forgotten piece of film and theater history. A young Jane Fonda prepares for her tumultuous starring role on Broadway in “The Fun Couple.” The Drew Associates filmmakers track Fonda’s every move during the production as she strives to legitimize herself as an actress and remove herself from the shadow of her father, Henry Fonda.

The film follows Jane through demanding rehearsals, testing the play for out-of-town audiences and, finally, opening night in New York. Though the show opens to devastating reviews, Jane’s love of acting, her determination and her resilience shine through the biting criticism.

Jane can be seen now by joining Sundance Doc Club.

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