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The Sony Action Cam Can Make Movies Never Seen Before (Sponsored Post)

Sony’s Action Cam line provides a competitive alternative to GoPro for filmmakers looking to expand their production resources. To showcase the camera’s capabilities, Sony’s launched a series of films demonstrating how filmmakers can use the Action Cam to make movies “never before seen.” More than 20 will eventually be unveiled on YouTube and Sony’s products website, where you can find more information about the making of each film. Above, check out Charles Young’s Paperports, which documents his work with intricate miniature paper architecture.

The FDR-X1000V model offers both 4K and 2K resolution. Some notable technical specs regarding resolution and frame rate:

  • 4K: Smooth and high quality image supported by high bit rate. (Action Cam 4K 30P 100Mbps [GoPro only 60Mpbs])
  • 2K: Smooth and high quality image supported by high bit rate and high frame rate (1080 120P 100Mbps). In 4K mode, the bit rate is 30P 100 Mbps to the GoPro’s 60 Mbps, while in 2K the bit rate is 1080 120P 100 Mbps. The HDR-AS200V offers 2K resolution at a bit rate of 1080 120P 100 Mbps.
  • Both models offer a 170-degree wide angle lens to the GoPro’s 145, and in 2K mode both have steadyshot and image stabilization.

Additional features of the Action Cam include a stereo mic, wind noise reduction, and GPS functionality, which allows you to add data to the video when editing. A wrist-mounted accessory allows you to operate the camera to check the footage while it’s shooting, and the hardy camera is also splash proof without its casing.

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