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Premiering below is the first of a seven-part series entitled “New Breed Los Angeles” presented by Filmmaker and the Workbook Project. Produced and directed by SABI Pictures, the series was shot at the Los Angeles Film Festival and features festival participants talking about their creative process. From the filmmakers:

For the community of working-class filmmakers at New Breed a constantly evolving creative process of telling our stories is the one thing we can count on in these changing times. Embarking on journeys through deeper methods of collaboration & engaging with fans across various platforms is certainly exciting – but one thing is for certain, the creative needs to be the driving force behind any and all approaches in order to preserve the integrity of the story (and the core reason we make our art).

In the previous series “New Breed: Park City,” several knowledgeable artists had converged for Sundance and Slamdance & graciously shared with us their perspective on the state of the industry, film festivals & distribution. As we (and you) continue to weigh and explore distribution offers and new DIY opportunities, one of the things that keeps coming up is the creative process. More specifically, how we want to evolve our collaborative creative process in our next features.

The creative process is itself hard to get handle on as it is different for every filmmaker – and each filmmaker needs to develop their own in accordance with the needs of the film. But there is always room to learn & to experiment, and most importantly to share and discuss what works for you.

In this series we begin at the beginning & explore what what perhaps drew us all into making movies in the first place: the mystery of the creative process. What follows are short documentaries with creative tips, techniques, learning lessons & personal experiences from a handful of artists we encountered at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2010.

Episode One is titled: “Nothing You Have to Have.” Featured in this episode are Julius Onah, Jeff Malmberg, Brett Haley and Ted Hope. Check back on Friday and then every Tuesday and Friday for the remainder of the series.

NEW BREED LOS ANGELES – Episode 1 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

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