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“The Storm, the Fog, the Humidity” | Christopher Murray, Sorcery

A woman with long, black hair sleeps on a cot with a burlap blanket.Catarina Oliveira in Sorcery, courtesy of Sundance Institute.

Every production faces unexpected obstructions that require creative solutions and conceptual rethinking. What was an unforeseen obstacle, crisis, or simply unpredictable event you had to respond to, and how did this event impact or cause you to rethink your film?

I think our obstruction was the unpredictable weather of Chiloe Island at the very south of Chile. The storm, the fog, the humidity. But really, more than an obstruction, I think it was just an intense force to relate to while shooting. In a way, the weather also directed us and the film, as a kind of atmospheric spell. It made us be alert, attentive, to find new ways to approach the scenes in response to the environmental flux. I think that made the process more alive, more in relation.

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