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A podcast about acting -- just the work. by Peter Rinaldi

“You Have To Live and Breathe This”: Marta Milans (Back To One, Episode 243)

Spanish actor Marta Milans's headshot.

Spanish American actor Marta Milans reprises her role as Mama Rosa in the second installment of the Shazam saga, which hits theaters March 17th. If you binged White Lines during the pandemic, you appreciated her work in that Netflix hit series. On this episode, we go way back to when she played Goneril in King Lear…at age 8! She takes us on a journey of her life as an actor, a job she says you cannot do well unless you “must do it to breathe.” She tells us the reason why language comes easy for her, how music plays a big part in her preparation, why COVID restrictions were rough on set, the next mountain she has her sights set on to conquer, plus much more.

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