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in Filmmaking
on Jul 30, 2004


Producer Jeff Levy-Hinte (Thirteen, High Art, and the Venice-bound Mysterious Skin) wrote one of the most important articles Filmmaker has ever published in our current issue. Entitled “The Digital Divide,” it’s a trenchant and provocative attack on the intersecting political and lobbying efforts that comprise the MPAA’s “War on Piracy.”

Levy-Hinte uses last fall’s “screener battle” (which he, Ted Hope, the IFP and the IFP/L.A. as well as an alliance of independent producers all fought) as the jumping off point to discuss what’s next when it comes to the effect of anti-piracy policies on independent filmmakers. By parsing the history and economics of intellectual property law, fair use and the growth of piracy, Levy-Hinte constructs a startling argument, charging that the MPAA’s policies are specifically designed to “protect” one specific style and genre of film above all others…

To get the news out on this important piece, we’ve posted the article as a downloadable PDF. Follow Jeff’s argument here.

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