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in Filmmaking
on Nov 10, 2004


Via Variety comes this interesting subscription-only piece announcing a new spin-off for Fox’s espionage TV series 24 which reachers viewers via cell-phone.

Writes Josef Adalian, “In a first-of-its-kind deal for a U.S. TV studio, 20th Century Fox TV has greenlit production of a live-action 24 spinoff skein that will be produced exclusively for cell phone users. Dubbed 24: Conspiracy, the show — featuring original characters separate from the Fox TV skein — will unfold over 24 roughly one-minute episodes; one seg will be downloaded to subscribers’ phones every week.”

Premiering in the U.K., where cell phone use and 3G technology is more established than in the States, in January, the series is expected to hit American users in the spring or summer.

Continues the trade, “Industry soothsayers are already predicting so-called ‘3G’ cell phones will open up a significant new market for studios and networks. In the same way American Idol helped text messaging take off in the U.S., it’s expected that within a few years, it won’t be uncommon for consumers to watch videoclips or entire mini-shows and movies on their phones. One Swedish broadcaster attracted thousands of subscribers to a cell phone live feed of Big Brother.

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