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In a blog entry below we reported on “window-busting” release of Chazz Palminteri’s film Noel, which will appear in theaters, on cable and on DVD all within the same month. It’s part of a marketing strategy designed to score Noel some ink in the press — perhaps to divert attention away from the reviews, which Rotten Tomatoes scores only 18% positive.

In our entry we were intrigued by the release strategy, but the folks at The Movie Blog linked to this USA Today piece which describes it in more critical terms. Some of the comments in the piece, like the ones from chain theater owners who disparage the concept, can be attributed to pure self-interest. (Of course theater owners don’t want consumers to think that the movies they play can be seen in alternate formats so soon after release.) But the piece does pinpoint a downside to the technology we hadn’t thought of: the discarded DVDs are yet another piece of environmental waste, destined to clog up landfills.

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