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I had no idea that in addition to pictures and profiles of charmingly tattooed and pierced young women who call themselves things like a “full-time artfag film student and part-time superbitch”, the Suicide Girls Web site features regular and rather interesting interviews, many with indie film personalities like Danny Boyle and Campbell Scott.

From the current discussion with Chloe Sevigny, who talks about her work with Woody Allen in Melinda and Melinda and Lars von Trier in Dogville and the upcoming Manderlay:

“Lars is very personal and he gets in your business and there’s a lot of chit chatting and Woody is very much just like a working experience. You go to work, do your job and you leave. Lars is a lot more joking around and teasing you and stuff like that. It’s two very different environments and plus working on the two films that I worked on with Lars, Dogville and Manderlay, we were on a soundstage. So we’re all kind of stuck in there together which added to the sort of strangeness.”

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