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Filmmaker webmaster Michael Medaglia is also a talented director; I really liked his short, Kitty, Kitty — an eerie piece of psychological horror that reminded me of early Cronenberg. Here’s how he describes it:

Kitty, Kitty is a short film about love, cats and brain parasites. The disturbing short was inspired by Toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a brain parasite that can change human behavior and is believe to affect up to a third of the world population.

This weekend Medaglia released the film for free on VODO.net, a website that turns filesharing and torrents into a legitimate distribution avenue for independents. Viewers can download the film for free and then, if they like it. donate easily to the filmmaker. (For more on VODO, check out Lance Weiler’s article here at Filmmaker.) To check out the film go its page on VODO.

The VODO release is part of a larger and very clever effort called The Million Eyeballs Project. It’s marketing and goal-setting in the form of social experiment. Medaglia and his Producer of Marketing and Distribution (Jon, please note this term’s appearance in Filmmaker Magazine) Saskia Wilson-Brown are trying to get one million eyeballs (ie., 500,000 beings) to watch the film. I say “beings” because, as the site notes, your cat counts too. Check out the page for more on the project. And then watch the trailer and download the film.

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