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in Filmmaking
on Nov 5, 2006

Um, our Alexa ratings could use a boost at the moment… so here’s the the just-released Scale, the second installment in Mike Figgis’s Kate Moss meditation, The Dreams of Miss X. It’s part of a four-part series he’s been doing for the lingerie house Agent Provocateur. (You have to watch it on their site and give them an email address before you’re allowed to view it. The clip does get cool in a Jean Cocteau kind of way as it goes on, though.)

From the site:

“The four dreams of Miss X” was shot in night vision and explores the nature of Miss X’s dreams in an intimate and personal fashion. Kate and Mike filmed each scene in the pitch black of night which gives the viewer the impression of witnessing a fascinatingly personal account of a beautiful woman’s private dream experiences.

The first episode, Shadows, went up a couple of months ago and can be found on YouTube:

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