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in Filmmaking
on Jan 30, 2007

For those expecting to see teasers of summer tentpoles like Spider-Man 3 and Shrek the Third while munching on chips and wings this Super Bowl Sunday, Variety reports that’s unlikely to happen. In a game that’s watched by millions, most studios are passing on showing their ads during the game (one exception: Eddie Murphy’s latest Norbit, which you’ll see a lot of during the pregame show).

Here’s how one consultant explains it in the story:

“The problem is, if you’re not ready with your creative, you are left way too exposed,” noted one gun-shy marketing consultant. He cited the now-classic example of 2003’s “The Hulk” spot, which was avidly TiVo-ed and picked apart frame by frame by feverish film geeks. With an f/x-dependent film that typically gets locked only a few days before release, that can be too much attention too soon. The general consensus on the film’s look was downbeat, and that made for a grueling trek toward opening weekend.

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