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in Filmmaking
on Sep 20, 2007

As we pass the half-way point, I want to thank all of our guest bloggers — Pamela, M. Dot, Alicia, and Brandon — who’ve been covering the IFP Filmmaker Conference. But as GreenCine pointed out today, there are other places to get your vicarious Conference fix. The Film Panel Notetaker has several long and detailed accounts of the various panel discussions. And Scott Kirsner has several long posts as well on his CinemaTech blog. In one, while listening to THINKfilm’s Mark Urman discuss the challenge of publicizing a film in the internet age, Kirsner goes web-surfing to the THINKfilm site and realizes that, like most distributor sites, it does not allow bloggers and other “non-registered media” easy access to press stills and publicity materials. Kirsner says that correcting this would allow the distributors a low-cost way to service the army of bloggers who, for some films, might be an even more potent force than the MSM.

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