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in Filmmaking
on Dec 30, 2007

… then become a fan of Filmmaker.

Okay, I know the “fan” terminology is annoying, but, trust me, we’re not asking for adolescent idolatry. In fact, I had us all set up with a nice-looking Group page, but was then counseled that, for a magazine, the Page/Fan structure was the way to go (thank you, CineVegas). In addition to being able to send you individually messages and bulletins, there’s a bunch of apps and functionalities that can be added vid the Page/Fan structure, so the page is something we can grow into. And, other cool sites are set up this way, like The Auteurs (no, not the great English band led by Luke Haines but the new online movie download/streaming site). Visit them on Facebook here, where they are currently streaming their movies prior to their hard launch at the Berlin Film Festival, or on the web here.

I’m sure we’ll have more about The Auteurs in the days ahead. (Oh, and to learn more about Haines’s band, click here.)

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