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in Sundance
on Jan 20, 2008

At a lunch here at the Kimball Art Center at the base of Main Street, the Sundance Institute announced their new “Creative Producing Initiative” today. “To work effectively with filmmakers, producers need an opportunity to develop their own skills and voices. The Creative Producing Initiative is designed to develop a producer’s creative instincts in the scripting and editing stages and to evolve their communication and problem-solving skills at all stages of realizing a project,” said Michelle Satter, Director, Sundance Institute Feature Film Program. Producer Paul Mezey (Sugar, Maria Full of Grace) gave the keynote speech, and he pledged his support as a mentor to the to-be-selected candidate.

Along with this new program is a Sundance Creative Producing Lab, which will take place in July. The deadline for applying to the Creative Producing Initiative is March 1, 2008, and guidelines are up on the Sundance website.

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