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in Filmmaking
on Sep 10, 2008

Paul Krik, whose Able Danger opens tomorrow in theaters in four cities, including New York’s Pioneer Theater, gave us a list of his favorite conspiracy films. Two days ago we ran his list of Hollywood conspiracy thrillers. Here is his list of independent 9/11 films.

Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus – Reporter Daniel Hopsicker is on the ground in Venice, Florida, where the terrorists all trained – gumshoeing, knocking on doors, asking questions, turning over stones. His interview with Mohammed Atta’s girlfriend and the time he humped her feet while she slept is absolutely mind-blowing. To say nothing of his relationship with his German handlers, his coke habits and in general, the fact that the CIA “is” the largest airline in the world in the form of small no-name airlines all over Florida. How else do you think the coke gets into the country? And the arms get to the Ayatollah (that’s a reference to Iran-Contra for anyone paying attention). The movie is the video documentary follow up to his excellent book, Welcome to Terrorland — about Florida. Hopsicker has removed a brick from the wall. The dyke is open, let the water of truth flow.

Any video with Webster Tarpley speaking. Author of the book Synthetic Terror. You can find plenty on Google video and YouTube. The truth is out there. Big picture historical truth. So scary it has to be true.

Zeitgeist the Movie – Renewed my faith in Xmas by tracing it back to the Egyptians.

Fahrenheit 911 – I don’t know how he pulled off getting that footage. Amazing. Stunning. Hilarious. A great starting point for mainstream America. Doesn’t it show that we’re hungry as hell for the truth?

Loose Change – Amazing what two college kids can do. They’re collecting stories. Not great investigative journalists, but lots of great stuff. Questions posed that ultimately need to be answered. Some stuff in there I think is booshit. But some really profound simple things that just don’t hold water, for instance that Mohammed Atta was identified within minutes after the crash by a passport that supposedly fell from the plane? Official story; jet fuel hot enough to melt the building – the first steel frame building in history to fall from fire, but not burn his passport up?

Alex Jones Terror Storm/ Bilderburg Group – Alex is relentless. And hilarious.

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