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[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, January 20, Noon –Egyptian Theatre, Park City]

As a boy, as a little dreamer imagining what fantastic job he might one day have as a grown man, I always saw myself filling the roles of the hero/villain archetypes we see in the movies. A cowboy, a detective, an archeologist adventurer, a robber even, sometimes Robin Hood and other times James Cagney. Older, increasingly more in touch with reality, and with my dawning awareness of film as a created world imagined and rendered by artists and crews, I arrived at a new aspiration (still just as fanciful as those of the boy) that I might one day make it my career to live in all of the genres and worlds my heroes and villains inhabited. I’ve always been stuck in the medium, always lived in the movies, I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else.

My film is elliptical, it floats up and down interwoven streams of dream narratives. I think film is the one medium with the visceral power and range to simulate the experience of dreaming. Movies submerge into us, they course through the unconscious. The Perception of Moving Targets itself is the dream, it’s watery logic and anthology-like structure takes its cues from my own personal turbulent sleep-cycle. This was mirrored or externalized by our production’s intuitive and, in large part, impromptu process. Just as fast as the characters and their narratives were dreamt into existence on set they drifted away like the fleeting memory of a dream, we’d wake up into our next story, never quite having enough time within each scenario to grip our brains around the reality we were creating.


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