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in Filmmaking
on Feb 1, 2009

Screenwriter and director John August was asked to give a commencement address at a film school, and he has posted the speech, which contains a couple of observations and simple but essential pieces of advice, on his blog. After making the observation that being able to shoot and cut together images for the web is an important skill these days (and thus speaks to the worth of a film school education), he offers another super vital recommendation:

And let’s talk about your classmates. You probably have some good friends and some people you kind of hope to never see again. While you were in the program here, you had to rely on them. Your professors put you in teams. You got along, you fought, whatever. That doesn’t stop. No one makes a movie by himself. So if by next weekend, you’re not reading one of their scripts, or helping on something they’re shooting, something’s wrong. Trust me that five years from now, the most successful person in this class will be the one who worked the hardest for other people.

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