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Music, Parallax Sounds and the City

This past week I had the pleasure of working again with my long time friends and collaborators Damon Locks and Wayne Montana on a play that I am developing. Damon is a Chicago-based musician who is featured in a documentary currently in development, Parallax Sounds, which “explores the intimate connection between music and urban landscape in Chicago.” Directed by Augusto Contento, the film also features Steve Albini, Ken Vandermark, and Ian Williams, among others.

Locks and Montana created original music for the soundtrack of my own film The Mark of Cain. Their ability to think cinematically and incorporate the sounds of the world around them into their own original creations make them extraordinary collaborators as well as stand alone musicians.

The Eternals, Damon Locks and Wayne Montana’s band, have long incorporated the “noise” of urban life into their music. More about The Eternals.

Here Locks talks about how Chicago has influenced his sound: “We felt the music wasn’t complete sometimes, until we had incorporated the sound of the city.” 

Damon Locks on how Chicago influences his music from Parallax Loop on Vimeo.

Here is a glimpse of the film to come.

I cannot wait to see this film in its entirety. 

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