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Filminute @ Filmmaker: Jeanne and Louise Traon’s Colloque Sentimental

Throughout the month of September, Filmmaker is partnering with the online short film competition Filminute, hosting five of its nominated titles and running interviews with the director’s of these one-minute movies.

Tell us who you are (where you’re from, background, previous credits as a filmmaker)
We are sisters, raised in Paris into a family of filmmakers. We grew up in editing rooms where we were lulled by the images of famous directors such as Manoel de Oliveira, Maurice Pialat, Garrel, etc … While one of us is studying film and philosophy, the other has already made several films between documentary and fiction (Peau d’ours, une lecture, a documentary essay about the writer Henri Calet; a short film, Colonel Berger, which mixes the story of a portrait of a man city; Sarajevo, Les gants blancs a documentary about the magic that happens in the editing room). Following our first collaboration, Colonel Berger, we want to continue the adventure together and are now writing a fiction film taking place in Tunisia during the Jasmine Revolution.

Describe your film in 100 words or less (plot, style, influences)
It is first of all an atmosphere marked by the contrast between an old house where a fire crackles and the snow and fir trees all around. A character moves through these spaces and is transformed. One gradually discovers a figure who we see is a woman, and prey. A threat hangs over this woman who becomes more vulnerable as she gets undressed. In the dimly lit sets which bring out the grain and the pictorial aspect of image, the man, never visible, remains a disturbing and ghostly figure.

What were the biggest challenges of making a one-minute film?
We do not think of the one-minute format as a digest of a long format, but rather as a great way to play with the art of the ellipse and instead allow a moment to stretch. We wanted to escape the clip and instead enter into time passing slowly. Like a haiku, we wanted to leave in your memory an image captured in memory, like a snapshot.

To rate and vote for Colloque Sentimental, visit the Filminute site.

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