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in Filmmaking
on Mar 18, 2010

Here is Ride Rise Roar director David Hillman Curtis’s post-screening, post-Austin blog.

Back in Brooklyn. Missing the warmth. The house we rented. The juice shack down the street I went to everyday, the festival and the films and the camaraderie we shared in that big house on Barton Blvd. It was an exciting trip for so many reasons. Like any big project, our film almost met an early fate several times. There were the cuts David rightly did not like and the commercial projects that sidelined the film for months at a time. A couple little flare ups looked as if they might not go away and then there was the slow syphoning of money and time that if thought about too long could keep you up all night. Finally premiering the film on a big screen in a beautiful theater with a wonderful audience had at least one of our team in tears. We love the film…not just how it turned out but the process and the teamwork…the raising and shaping of it. We left the theater happy and spent a couple of hours sitting outside at an Italian restaurant nearby. The sun cast beautiful late afternoon shadows. After sharing our observations about the screening, attention moved back to the the SXSW program and people looked for the next films they’d go to. I opted to walk along the river back to Barton Blvd. alone. I love being a stranger in a new town where it’s all observation. Dogs ran and jumped into the river. People in canoes drifted by. I thought about my steps as I took them. Mindful walking they call it. — David Hillman Curtis

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