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Watch: The Cinema of Michael Mann

in Filmmaker Videos
on Jan 20, 2015

Released this past Friday, Michael Mann’s Blackhat has already proven a colossal flop, which is a shame: following up on Collateral, Miami Vice and Public Enemies, it’s another never-less-than-visually-intriguing investigation of the kinds of truly new images digital cameras can produce in the guise of a cyber-hacking thriller. Go check it out while you still can. Beforehand, you may want to prep with this above-average supercut credited to one “balistik94,” which ties together Mann’s filmography in a number of different ways: dialogue that persists from one film to another (“Time is luck” as recited by both Gong Li in Miami Vice and Kim Greist in Manhunter), linking together common camera placement choices in nighttime car drives, numerous shots of men staring out into the distance, etc. It’s the next best thing to watching all his films at once and making the connections yourself, which is all you can ask for from a supercut. If you don’t want to know who dies at the end of his movies, don’t watch until the very end.

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