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Watch: The Life and Death of an iPhone, Shot and Edited on Vimeo’s Cameo App

In honor of Vimeo’s updated Cameo app, filmmaker Paul Trillo created a short film entirely shot and edited on an iPhone, appropriately titled “The Life and Death of an iPhone.” Trillo utilizes the phone’s POV to create the illusion of a constant “feed” between cuts, which he accomplished in camera:

Believe it or not the transitions are deceptively simple like a slight of hand. At the end of each take, we just did a quick wipe into black. The key is to do these moves at the same speed each time and make sure you’re cutting on precisely the right frame. I found that if the cut was a frame or two off the transition wouldn’t just work as well to the eye. When I first conceived of the project, I wasn’t sure how I could keep the energy flowing from scene to scene. I wanted it to feel like one continuous experience, like a raw feed from the phone.



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