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Watch: Leah Shore’s Mindbending Charles Manson Animation, Old Man

Leah Shore made our “25 New Faces” list in 2013 on the basis of her totally trippy animated short, Old Man, which traverses the entirety of 20th century history, from Hitler to Kennedy, the bomb to Michael Jackson, in a rapid-fire, image-morphing five minutes that’s voiced by imprisoned cult leader Charles Manson. The recordings came from a series of tapes Shore obtained by Marlin Marynick, a psychiatric nurse. Explains Sarah Salovaara in her Filmmaker profile on Shore:

Marynick forked over approximately 10 hours of audio recordings, which resulted in Shore “sitting in a dark room for two months and going a little insane editing the excerpts into something that made sense.” With the voiceover track locked, Shore then spent almost two years animating the visuals, freelancing for the likes of VICE and Ke$ha on the side….

Old Man premieres online for the first time today; watch above.

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