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IFP Announces Inaugural Audio Programming Slate for the 42nd Edition of IFP Week

IFP, Filmmaker‘s publisher, announced today the inaugural audio programming for the upcoming 42nd edition of IFP Week, which will take place virtually September 20 – 25.  Unfolding over the last two days of the conference, September 24th and 25th will be, says IFP, “robust conversations and events that will explore audio storytelling, real-time decision making, and what goes on behind the scenes in the world of audio.”

The programming complements the maiden edition of IFP Week’s Audible Audio Hub, which features 36 audio-only projects connecting with some of the industry’s leading producers and financiers.

Industry guest speakers will include: Sean Rameswaram (Today, Explained/Vox), Becca Tobin (Act Like A Lady) Juliet Litman (The Ringer), Jenna Weiss-Berman (Pineapple Street Studios).

“We are thrilled to be ​expanding our programming​ into audio storytelling for the 42​ annual IFP Week,” says Jeffrey Sharp, Executive Director of IFP. “As the demand for audio entertainment increases, it is crucial that we continue to showcase the ways in which creatives are using their voices and telling stories.”

From IFP, the complete roster of audio programming is below.


Leading producers will offer an exclusive sneak peek of soon-to-launch audio projects at ​First Listen ​events taking place on both nights. Attendees will hear extended clips from a number of exciting, forthcoming audio projects from ​Audible, Pushkin, Penguin Random House, Wondery, ​and more. Hosts will introduce and briefly answer moderator questions about the projects.


Making it Work: Business Models & Strategies for Audio – a conversation with ​Jenna Weis-Berman (Pineapple Street Media), Jen Sargent (Wondery), “Veronika Taylor (Acast) and others ​discussing the business of podcasting and some strategies for monetization​.

“Did I Just Hear That?” – a conversation with ​Lisa Hagen (​No Compromise/​NPR) , Joshua Bloch (​Escaping NXIVM​/CBC), Josh Dean​ ​(​The Clearing​/Gimlet and Pineapple Street Media), Laura Beil (Dr Death/Wondery) and Henry Molofsky (Wind of Change/Pineapple Street) ​about the sometimes unbelievable things they’ve heard and gotten on tape.

“Podcasting In Real Time” – ​Juliet Litman (The Ringer), Neal Carruth (NPR), Sean Rameswaram (​Today, Explained/​Vox​)​, Megan Marcus (CNN)​ ​and others will discuss how they are making editorial decisions in real time about what to cover and how to cover it in the face of a global pandemic and social unrest in the United States.

“Production Flow: Demystified” – ​Becca Tobin (​Act Like A Lady/​PRH), Vann R Newkirk II (​Floodlines/​The Atlantic), Mia Lobel (​Revisionist History​/Pushkin), ​Ashley Lusk (CNN) and others reveal the unexpected (and sometimes messy) ways ideas develop into fully-formed audio projects.

“Imagined Futures: Data & Privacy” – ​Dave Zorhob (Chartable), Blake Eskin (The New School) ​​and others will present imagined futures for metrics and data privacy in the podcasting space.


Throughout the programming, attendees will get access to leading industry decision makers and thought leaders via IFP’s signature “Direct Access” event series. Participants can register for hands-on workshops and intimate Q&A’s with veterans like Penguin Random House’s ​Lance Fitzgerald & Catherine Bucaria​; Editor in Chief of Audible Originals ​Dave Blum ​alongside theatre disruptor ​Kate Navin; ​and CNN’s Design Strategist for Podcast & Audio, ​Lindsay Abrams​, among others. This year’s public programming was created as a collaborative effort between Executive Director Jeff Sharp and the IFP team lead by Audio Hub Project Manager Alexandra Blair.

For more information on IFP Week, visit its website.

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