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“I Don’t Care if People Don’t Like My Characters”: Emily Meade (Back To One, Episode 249)

Actress Emily Meade's headshot. She has long, wavy brown hair and wears a gray tank top.

Emily Meade is best known for her roles in the HBO shows The Deuce, The Leftovers, and Boardwalk Empire. Her latest project, the Amazon series Dead Ringers, premieres on April 21st. She became an advocate for intimacy coordinators on set following a lack thereof on The Deuce, where she portrayed a sex worker. After urging HBO to hire an intimacy coordinator, her advocation ignited the use of intimacy coordinators on all HBO sets and beyond, creating a new standard in Hollywood. In this episode, she talks about needing to base her characters on real-life people she knows, how being a true empath affects the work, the struggle of shifting what characters casting people see you playing, and much more.

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