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“The Only Thing We Have Is the Moment”: Betsey Brown (Back to One, Episode 250)

Actor Betsey Brown's headshot.

My first encounter with the work of actor, writer, director Betsey Brown was her captivating and shocking performance in The Scary of Sixty-First. Then, in her first feature film Actors, she and her brother Peter Vack play over-the-top versions of themselves in a wildly fictional, yet super-personal exploration of their relationship that boldly pulls out all the cinematic stops. It’s the kind of rare indie that gives you hope for the future of film. In this episode, she talks about the aspects of the acting craft that are central to her—patience, relaxation, fearlessness, appreciation, the importance of the present moment—plus the unique ways she and her brother bring out the best in each other both in front of and behind the camera, and much more!

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