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“I Think That’s Why I’m an Actor—I’m a Daydreamer”: Jon Voight (Back To One, Episode 253)

A headshot of actor Jon Voight.

With incredible performances in films like Midnight Cowboy, Coming Home, Deliverance and Runaway Train, Jon Voight has earned himself a spot in the acting Pantheon. At 84, he has never stopped working. Seven seasons of Ray Donovan being a recent highlight. On this episode, he talks about how he “starts slow” when developing an approach to a character, letting “things drop into my psyche.” He pinpoints directorial characteristics of John Schlesinger (director of Midnight Cowboy) that worked well for him, details a scrappy fight scene with Jonathan Rhys Myers on his latest film Mercy, reminisces about working with Cassavetes on Love Streams the play, and much more! Mercy is in select theaters now, on digital May 19, and on demand June 2.

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