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“I’m the Little Boy Believing That There’s a Pony in a Pile of Shit”: Mark Duplass (Back To One, Episode 257)

An image of actor and filmmaker Mark Duplass, who wears a beige t-shirt, grey hoodie and scowls while looking off to the side.

Mark Duplass is the living patron saint of the indie filmmaker. Honest, simple, modest, positive, affirming about the work, Duplass, first with his brother Jay and now on his own, has become a household name in the film world for producing projects in a DIY style foregrounding authenticity, improvisational humor, and human connection. As an actor, both in his own productions and also series like The Morning Show, he finds a way to keep that homegrown genuineness alive in front of the camera. His latest film, Biosphere, which he co-wrote with director Mel Eslyn, is a true two-hander (with the wonderful Sterling K. Brown) that never fails to surprise and is sure to be a summer crowdpleaser when it opens on July 7th. On this episode, he talks about how his approach to acting grew out of necessity as a filmmaker, what he loved about being directed by his trusted partner Eslyn, why he himself hasn’t directed for over eight years, what he needed to adjust when working in more precision-oriented productions, why he’s cautiously optimistic about the AI effect on acting, and much more!

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