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Immersive Lineup Revealed for 80th Venice International Film Festival

A drawing of an elderly person done is hues of gray and brown, rendered for XR.Finalmente Eu (Finally Me)

The full Venice Immersive lineup, the XR (Extended Reality) section of the 80th Venice International Film Festival, has been announced today. Described as being “entirely devoted to immersive media” and encompassing “all XR means of creative expression,” the program will be held just a short distance from the Lido on the island Lazzaretto Vecchio (dubbed Immersive Island for the fest).

Press previews will be held on August 29 before opening exclusively for press and industry on August 30. The public and all other festival accredited visitors will be able to see the program between August 31 and September 9.

Per a press release:

The Venice International Film Festival was one of the first film festivals in the world to show an interest in Virtual Reality. The development of a VR Theatre in 2016 sparked enormous interest among the participants of the Venice Production Bridge. Starting in 2017, La Biennale di Venezia launched the first competition for works in Virtual Reality in an A-list festival, which was held for three editions, through 2019, on the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio on the Lido, judged by an International Jury. The online accessibility of Venice VR Expanded over two editions (2020 and 2021) represented a new commitment and a new challenge to guarantee that the Venice International Film Festival would continue to offer the experience of this new art form, even in times of required social distancing. In 2022 the section, renamed Venice Immersive, returned in person to the island.

All accredited Venice International Film Festival attendees will have access to Venice Immersive. Those who aren’t accredited can purchase a Venice Immersive Pass, either for five days (€ 60) or from August 31 through September 9 (€ 90). For more information on tickets and passes, visit the festival’s official website.

See the full lineup below, which features 28 projects in competition, 10 out of competition titles, six works developed by the Biennale College Cinema and 24 Worlds Galley selections.

In Competition

Empereur (Emperor)

By Marion Burger, Ilan Cohen

France, Germany / 35’

Songs for a Passerby

By Celine Daemen

Netherlands / 25’


By Marc Da Costa, Matthew Niederhauser

USA / 20’

Remember This Place: 31°20’46’’n 34°46’46’’E

By Patricia Echeverria Liras

Palestine, Qatar, Spain / 25’

Letters From Drancy

By Darren Emerson

USA, UK / 22’

The Imaginary Friend

By Steye Hallema

Netherlands, Belgium, France / 26’

Wallace & Gromit in the Grand Getaway

By Finbar Hawkins, Bram Ttwheam, Lawrence Benett

France, UK / 60’


By Keisuke Itoh

Japan / 15’

My Name Is O90

By Siyeon Kim

South Korea / 14’


By Gina Kim

South Korea, USA / 15’

Body of Mine

By Cameron Kostopoulos

USA / 20’


By Sanghee Lee

South Korea / 15’

Chen Xiang Vr

By LIU Yuejun, Wu Nanni, Shi Tao, XU Jingqiu

China / 45’


By Adriaan Lokman

Netherlands, France / 15’


By Temsuyanger Longkumer

UK / 32’

Peupler (Populate)

By Maya Mouawad, Cyril Laurier

France, Lebanon / 10’

Floating With Spirits

By Juanita Onzaga

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands / 31’

Syuhasuu (Frequency)

By Ellie Omiya

Japan / 25’

Pepitos: The Beak Saga

By Ruxandra Gabriela Popescu

UK, USA / 13’

Jim Henson’s the Storyteller: The Seven Ravens

By Paul Raphaël, Félix Lajeunesse

Canada, USA / 20’


By Zoe Roellin

USA / 17’

Finalmente Eu (Finally Me)

By Marcio Sal

Brazil / 14’

Gargoyle Doyle

By Ethan Shaftel

USA, Argentina, Austria / 38’

Aufwind (Upwind)

By Florian Siebert

Germany / 28’

Horse Canyon

By Nprowler

Canada / 60’


By Sister Sylvester, Deniz Tortum

Netherlands, USA, Turkey / 20’

Complex 7

By Fins

USA / 30’

Spots of Light

By Adam Weingrod

Israel, Canada / 14’

Best of Immersive – Out of Competition

(international selection of the best works that have been released or premiered elsewhere since the last edition of the Venice International Film Festival)

Another Fisherman’s Tale

By Alexis Moroz, Balthazar Auxietre

France / 240’

David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies

By Lewis Ball

UK, USA / 22’

The First Ingredient: Tales From Soda Island – CH. 7

By Simone Fougnier

USA / 17’

Space Explorers: Blue Marble – Orbit 1

By Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël

Canada / 24’

The Utility Room

By Lionel Marsden

UK / 80’

Consensus Gentium

By Karen Palmer

UK, USA / 25’


By Winslow Porter, Elie Zananiri

USA / 8’

Over the Rainbow

By Craig Quintero

Taipei / 11’

Pixel Ripped 1978

By Ana Ribeiro

USA / 20’

Gaudi, L’Atelier du Divin

By Stéphane Landowski, Gaël Cabouat

France, Japan / 17’

Biennale College Cinema – VR – Out of Competition

Queer Utopia: Act I Cruising

By Lui Avallos Producer: Rodrigo Moreira

Portugal, Brazil / 25’

Developed During the Biennale College Cinema Vr, 6th Edition (2021/2022)

Tales of the March

By Stefano Casertano, Producers: Stefano Casertano, Tim Deussen

Germany, Italy / 12’

Developed During the Biennale College Cinema Vr, 5th Edition (2020/2021)

First Day

By Valeriy Korshunov, Producer: Svitlana Korshunova

Ukraine / 15’

Produced With the Grant From Biennale College Cinema Vr, 7th Edition (2022/2023)

Human Violins – Prelude

By Ioana Mischie, Producers: Ioana Mischie, Sorin Baican, Jeremy Sahel & Co

Romania, France / 19’

Developed During the Biennale College Cinema Vr, 5th Edition (2021/2022)


By Emilia Sánchez Chiquetti, Producer: Emilia Sánchez Chiquetti

Brazil / 25’

Developed During the Biennale College Cinema Vr, 5th Edition (2020/2021)

A Vocal Landscape

By Omid Zarei, Anne Jeppesen, Producers: Omid Zarei, Anne Jeppesen

Denmark, USA / 14’

Developed During the Biennale College Cinema Vr, 4th Edition (2019/2020)

Worlds Gallery

A Trip in the Forest by ThrіLl

Beyond a Bit – 想像のちょっと先へ by Estyoctober

Break Set by PK

Club Deviate by Totc

Cubes (Experimental) By PHI16

Cyberlove Okinawa ˸˸˸ 沖縄 by Artsy Glitch

Dragon_town by Coma.

Epilogue․ Chapter 1. By Drmorro

Epilogue․ Chapter 2. By Drmorro

Exhibition ⁄ Little Traitors by Haruki_haru

Fatboy Slim – Eat, Sleep, Vr, Repeat by Fatboy Slim, Engage Xr and Anglo Management

Iy Mmd World by Iris Alias

Luminescent Ledge by Thorinair

Pass of Time by Karl Kroenen

Reality Is Wrong by Sɪᴍᴘʟᴇ – ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ

Storm Drain by @Cattusex

Tarried Precipice by Karl Koronan

Terra Cotta Valley by Octuplex

Thad Mandelbox by Thad Gyther

Thad Recursive Garden by Thad Gyther

Thad Recursive Room by Thad Gyther

The Spark of the World by Tsmre

VEINPRM0118 by Vein_a

Zep’s Particle Hell by Zepwlert

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