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Two worthy Kickstarter projects have uploaded new trailers illustrating opposite but effective approaches to fundraising. The first is an irreverent long take for Jocelyn Towne’s I Am I, a first-person address from the director aided by a bed full of guest stars, including Marianna Palka, Jason Ritter and producers Cora Olsen and Jen Dubin.

The second is a new trailer for a project I’ve posted about before: Alix Lambert and Jill Peters’s He/She/He. Here, dialogue is withheld, and a beautiful piece of source music juxtaposed with the stunning images conveys the emotional power of the project.

He/She/He is in its final five days and is currently at 62% of its $30,000 goal. I Am I has a little over a month to go and is $17,000 towards its $100,000 goal. Check them both out and consider supporting them through Kickstarter.

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